To Whom it May Concern:

It was a great pleasure to host Mrs. Ronnie B. Silver, Director of Adelphi Educational Services, Inc.,at our monthly Guidance Department meeting…

With our Guidance Department and members of our administration present, Mrs. Silver made a strong presentation of ninety minutes titled “Challenges Facing Today’s High School Students.” The three-part presentation explained many of the problems and concerns which high school students and those who work with them must address.

Part one titled “Achieving the Best Grade Possible” addressed student organizational skills, effective note taking, and using active study strategies. The active strategies included multi-sensory techniques, charting techniques, chunking information, and self-testing and gaming strategies.

Part two titled “Performing High on College Entrance Exams” presented a very cogent comparative analysis of the SAT and ACT testing programs.

Part three titled “Maintaining Discipline and Focus in the Face of Distractions” offered a frank discussion of the technological and social distractions that students face today. Also, included were suggestions for students, parents and educators to help pupils cope with distractions and challenges.

There were opportunities for questions and interactions after each part of the presentation.

Mrs. Ronnie B. Silver is a very thorough, detailed, and involved presenter who brings many years of varied educational experiences to her work. I would wholeheartedly recommend this presentation to any school looking to improve student achievement.

Mr. Peter G. Ulrich, Director of Guidance
Bergen Catholic High School
1040 Oradell Avenue
Oradell, N.J. 07649