Adelphi SAT and ACT Test Preparation Programs

1. What is the student taught in the Adelphi SAT and ACT Programs?

The Adelphi SAT and ACT Programs teach the student how to study for and take these tests. The Adelphi Programs help the student improve concentration abilities, reduce test-taking anxiety and increase self-confidence.

The instruction emphasizes verbal and mathematical reasoning, and test-taking strategies.  We utilize a variety of materials.  The reading program stresses vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and reading speed.  The writing program  stresses grammar and essay writing.  The math programs review arithmetic (fractions, percents, decimals), elementary algebra and geometry skills, and emphasize their application to problem solving.

2. How are the Adelphi Programs different?

The Adelphi SAT and ACT Programs are personalized one-on-one programs that take place in the privacy of the student’s home or in an Adelphi office. Unlike large group programs, the Adelphi courses are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. It is not necessary for the student to be bored working on group material that is too easy nor does he or she have to be lost in the crowd while attempting material that is too difficult.

The Adelphi SAT and ACT Programs offer the student the option of preparing for the tests in one, two or three areas: reading, mathematics or writing. Our instructors are language or math specialists familiar with the content and structure of the tests. The first session includes diagnostic testing. Then, the student is directed to do specific assignments including timed tests, and to keep progress records.

3. How can students taking the Adelphi SAT and ACT Programs expect to perform?

Students in our SAT or ACT Programs generally make significant improvements in their scores. The amount of improvement will depend on several factors including: the student’s PSAT score, previous SAT or ACT scores, instructional hours, and homework time completed.

4. What other services does Adelphi provide for the college bound student?

We provide one-on-one remediation or enrichment tutoring in all high school subjects, and in many college subjects. We prepare students for the SAT Subject Area Tests and Advanced Placement Tests. All of these services are provided in the privacy of the student’s home or at an Adelphi office at a time convenient for the student and his or her family. We assist the student with the college application essays, but we do not write the essays. We can also provide the names of qualified professionals for further assistance with your college selection process.